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When you want to buy him a jewel

by Nitish Prajapati 20 Feb 2024


The difference lays maybe in the fact that men are choosier when it comes to picking the right jewel to wear.

Jewels are a good option when you are wondering what to get him as a gift. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different plating and elements and are also quite common. However, when you are picking out an ornament for a man, you have to pay more attention than when choosing a different kind of gift. As mentioned before, men are very picky about their jewelry and one small mistake will cause him to never wear his new accessory, but stick it in some forgotten place to rot. Below are seven things to think about when shopping for jewelry for guys.

1.     A jewel worn by a man adds style to his style. It completes his look, highlights the impression of his outfit and complements his elegance. Like all accessories, jewels should also be in accordance with his preferences, appearance and lifestyle.

2.     Male jewelry has great symbolism. It is rare to see a guy wearing a jewel that means nothing to him or is not a symbol for anything. Giving him a jewel just like that, a jewel that has no deeper meaning is almost blasphemous.

3.     When it comes to jewelry men prefer it small but with high quality. Women are more prone to use even trinkets as long as they go with their style and the current fashion tendencies, while men stick to the higher quality. So when you are looking for a jewel for him, do not compromise with quality. If you cannot afford a large high-quality jewel, better get him a small one, than still large but with lower quality.

4.     The clean and simple design is among the basic guidelines you should hold to when buying jewels for men. If he likes the hip-hop style then you are allowed to get him a ridiculously huge chain with three immense golden crosses on it. In all other cases, the rule “the simpler, the better” applies.

5.     Size always matters. Men like big things and this is also true for jewels. A tight or snuggly fitting jewel is seen by them as an attempt to control them. Such a gift has no chance to make it to his favorites list. Keep it loose.

6.     Special heed should also be paid to the material the jewel is made of. Gold, silver, platinum, titanium or steel are the most fitting and preferred materials for male jewelry. Copper, aluminum, tin or anything that can be categorized as junk will not be acceptable to him. What is worse, he may even see it as mockery.

7.     Watches are among the most popular jewels for men. Yes, they are no longer considered accessories, but have passed into the jewels category. Chains and bracelets are also popular. Earrings and piercing studs are popular among teenagers only. Keep this in mind when choosing jewelry for a mature man. Take his personal preferences under consideration. 

No one ever said that men are easy to understand. On the contrary! If choosing jewelry for a woman can be a challenge, then choosing ornaments for men can be a complete horror. But when there is a problem, there is also a solution. Use these seven ponder points and you will doubtless be successful in your jewel hunt.

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