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How to rock your Neckline.... A guide to chose the right necklace.

by Abhooshan Store 20 Feb 2024

Jewels are important accessories for every lady. From rings and earrings to bracelets and brooches – everything matters and undergoes great scrutiny during the process of selection.

Like with any other jewels, choosing a necklace has its own set of rules you should be guided by. The main rule is to always take your neckline into consideration and select a necklace that will harmonize with it. 


If you have chosen a V-neck outfit, then you should know that you simply must wear a necklace. A delicate pendant or chain will do the trick. Necklaces are mandatory for this type of neckline.

A classic square neckline goes perfectly with a simple jewel. Avoid one that is too large or massive. The goal is to have your necklace highlight your beautiful feminine shapes and the style of your outfit, not battle them for attention.

If you have selected a sleeveless outfit feel free to experiment, because the highlight falls on your bare shoulders and neck. In this case you can afford a necklace of any caliber and kind. Try different combinations of delicate or massive jewels and see which one you like best.

An asymmetrical dress or top, which has only one sleeve, does not look good with a necklace at all. The outfit’s own look is dynamic enough. You can wear a bracelet or earrings, but a necklace will clash with the line of your outfit.

The heart-shaped neckline, if it is part of a dress with a shiny element, is best worn with just a pair of large earrings. If you insist on wearing a necklace, then let it be a dainty and simple one.


An important note on combining jewels: there can be only one extravagant, massive jewel. If you wear large earrings with a massive pendant you will look tasteless and tacky.

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