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by Nitish Prajapati 15 Jan 2024

We LOVE sterling silver jewellery here at and our huge selection of gorgeous sterling silver pieces speaks quite loudly!


Abhooshan is pioneer in Sterling Silver Jewellery commonly known as 92.5 Silver since it composition is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% other metals. Our Jewellery is completely nickel free therefore it is absolutely allergy free. We LOVE sterling silver jewellery here at and our huge selection of gorgeous sterling silver pieces speaks quite loudly!

But why do we love sterling silver as a material to use in jewellery? And why should you love it too? The main reason lies down to some of the basic properties of Sterling Silver that make it different from gold, platinum, or other jewellery making materials.

Let me give you some major thinking points to consider Sterling Silver Jewellery next time you think of buying Jewellery.

1.     As they say, Health First, Sterling Silver Jewellery is allergy free since the metal which cause allergy are nickel and lead which are present in a lot of jewellery, particularly imitation jewellery. This is a huge issue, as nickel and lead can cause skin reactions and allergies. Sterling Silver do not contain nickel so you can absolutely be sure on this one.

2.     Sterling Silver Is Inexpensive While Still Being a Precious Metal. Sterling silver pieces are relatively inexpensive. Getting a beautiful piece of Abhooshan silver jewellery for a modest price is an added advantage. You can easily make a collection of light weighted Designer pieces without burning your pocket.

3.     Sterling Silver Is Easy to Maintain, Clean and Polish. Click on the link for Video- When you have so many of jewellery pieces, you want to make sure that you can maintain those pieces without wanting to pull your hair out. Really, all you need to do for sterling silver to stay looking good is to store the pieces in a relatively airtight box and wipe down the pieces with a cotton cloth every once in a while.

4.     High Finish and Light Weighted- Abhooshan is pioneer in making deigns with Great Finish Quality and most of the pieces are light weighted so they are very comfortable to wear.

5.     Sterling Silver is Easy to wear also very easy to dress up or dress down depending on the design, adding the benefit of versatility. There is So much to choose from our wide range of Earrings, Nose Pins and Anklets. It can be easily combined with other materials like precious stones or Enamel to easily match with any lifestyle or occasion.

6.     Sterling Silver has a “Brand Name” – It’s Universally Recognized as Being Valuable. While sterling silver is inexpensive, it still has an extremely effective “brand name” associated with it. It’s also suitable for both men and women. It makes great gifting option and is Investment for future too.

7.     Sterling Silver is long Lasting Material and is never Out of fashion. Sterling silver is one of those metals that will last a lifetime when treated properly. Caring for your silver jewellery is easy when carefully stored in airproof pouches, or other containers, when not in use.


What’s not to love about this beautiful metal?

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